Published by Myrtle Gullickson on December 27, 2016

The 3 Best Traits That Make A Comedian Great

Not all people are born to possess the talent for comedy. Some individuals have no talent for it no matter how much they tried. However, some people are gifted with the skills to put a smile on other people’s face. Here are the best traits that make a comedian great.

  1. Know the audience

If you desire to be successful in the field of comedy, it is important that you know who your audience are so you can prepare your piece the right way. There are just some things that won’t go together. The lines you will deliver should be appropriate for your audience. If they are politicians, the lines should be somehow related to their line of work.

  1. Can keep up with the trend

You should be someone who is always updated with what is happening around you. Through the latest trends, you will know the popular things that can get the attention of the people. You cannot just stick with one act that you will do over and over again because people will get tired of it no matter how funny you are.

  1. Always ready

The comedy industry is a tough business. There are hundreds of people who will try their luck but only a few will succeed. If you are a comedian, you are expected to deliver even if you are not on stage. It is how you can brand yourself as a great market for the people. It is also the best way to show everyone that you are naturally good at what you do.

If you are someone who has these traits in you, there is nothing wrong if you want to try your luck in comedy. The three qualities are the best components of a great comedian, and if you have it in you, I bet you have a future in the industry.

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