Published by Myrtle Gullickson on December 27, 2016

The Top 4 Reasons Why People Love Jeff Dunham

Who doesn’t know Jeff Dunham? I bet most of us do most especially if we think about Achmed and his Jingle Bombs. He is one of the few comedy artists who created a significant impact in the industry of comedy. Some people will say that puppets already belong in the past, but Jeff Dunham proved us wrong. Check out the top reasons why people love Jeff Dunham.

  1. He’ll make you feel that you are watching a whole group of people

We often buy tickets with one thing in mind, and that is we will see our favorite comedian. On a Jeff Dunham show, it’s like you are always in for a treat. The puppets seemed to have their lives and personalities that you would also look forward to seeing.

  1. He has brought back a different comedy genre

The use of puppets in comedy has been an old form that has been brought to life by Jeff Dunham. The new generation would have known the one of a kind experience and fun we can get from it if not for him. It was like an ancient song that was popularized after so many years.

  1. His brain can think real quick

With all the characters that he is managing, it is almost impossible to memorize and follow a script. With Jeff Dunham, it comes in naturally as if he is just talking to some random people who are part of the set trying to make their pitch.

  1. He utilizes his mistakes

Not all comedians can pull this off. One mistake and it can ruin your momentum in the show, but with Jeff Dunham, even the mistakes are appreciated by the people. The best part of it is when you see Achmed and the whole gang criticize what he said wrong.

What I can tell you is that the money you paid for the tickets watching his shows is money well spent.


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